● Dimensions (L x W x H): 775mm x 510mm x 853mm
● Cooling capacity (fluid @ 17C): 4500 watts
● Low fluid alarm: Visual
● Weight: 125kg
● Power requirements: 8 Amps, 400v, 3ph, 50Hz
(no neutral)


● Adjustable: Ambient tracking with probe
● Stability: 0.2C
● Range: +4C to + 35C
● Digital temperature display: 0.2C
● Alarm: Standard off-set 10C Adjustable High/Low

● Low fluid alarm: Visual
● Auto diagnostic functions: Display and Sensor
● System volume: 7 litres
● Pressure control system: Standard fitment internal - user adjustable
● Compatible fluids: Hexid / Water / Propylene glycol
● Fluid connections: " hose tails on secondary heat exchanger
● Pump: P10 - 10 Litres/Min up to 10 bar
● Secondary heat exchanger: Bowman Heat exchanger fitted to rear of tank. Max. flow 100litres/Min


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