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Basic controls include: Stop/Start/Reverse push button box incorporating flying lead and plug to accommodate the electrical socket within the machine tool.


All conveyors are supplied finished to suit the customers colour specification. Our finish is Powdercoat.

Optional equipment

• Integrated coolant tanks
• Conveyor /system coolant pumps
• Machine control interface option
• Installation
• Swarf bin

How it Works

The conveyor incorporates sequential running magnets attached to a hollow bearing roller chain mounted below a stainless steel skin. The belt is driven by an externally mounted motor drive. Coolant on wet applications cannot penetrate below the Stainless steel skin, and the coolant discharges through a pinch point tunnel leaving the swarf attached to the stainless skin. Swarf then inches up the incline becoming Dry, discharged off the neck of the conveyor upon demagnetisation in to an optional swarf bin.


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