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Are bespoke designed to the customer / machine interface requirement


All conveyors are supplied finished to suit the customers colour specification. Our finish is Powdercoat.

Optional equipment

• Additional coolant capacity/ tank size.
• Additional pumps wash down, 20 bar coolant, spindle wash
• Super clean tank and 70 bar HPC Coolant system
• Coolant Chiller
• Touch screen control system
• Wash gun
• Oil skimmer
• Mist extraction
• Installation
• Service contract

How it works

Series 2 is designed to remove chips and clean the dirty coolant automatically. Swarf and coolant enter the conveyor from the machining envelope. Heavy chips settle on the bottom of the conveyor load length and are removed by the scraper belt, up the incline and in to a swarf bin (optional extra). All contaminated coolant is directed to a rotating drum where it is filtered through a 240 micron stainless steel filter screen. Fine particles prevented from getting through the mess are continually flushed off the screen by an internal back flush system, ensuring the filter media is continually clean. Particles are flushed to the bottom of the conveyor and scraped away.


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