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Basic controls consist of stop, start, reverse. A push button box incorporating a flying lead and plug to accommodate the electrical socket within the machine tool.


All conveyors are supplied finished to suit the customers colour specification. Our finish is Powdercoat

Optional equipment

• Integrated coolant tank.
• Coolant pumps.
• Perforated steel belt where high volumes of coolant are involved.
• Machine tool interface.

How it Works

The ComBi500 incorporates the action of a hinge belt and scrapper in one belt with 500 micron self cleaning filter boxes incorporated in the design.
• Single belt construction with combined action slat and scrapper belt.
• Belt rotating a clockwise direction removing stringy and chipped swarf.
• Scraper risers, welded to the belt slat sections scrape the bottom of the conveyor carrying small fines along the floor of the conveyor and around the nose to be carried out on the belt.
• Filter boxes located in the middle of the belt filter the coolant to 500 microns.
• Boxes are self cleaning with brushes cleaning the filter mesh in the rotation process.


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